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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  April 28, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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ught it was not going to be living. i thought my life was over. >> more than 160 people died in alabama alone. the entire state is a federal disaster area. >> it is tuscaloosa, home of the university of alabama that was hit the hardest. streets are impassible and the houses uninhabitable. the water undrinkable and the devastation unimaginable. >> hei do not know if i have seen anything as tragic as what has transpired. >> one student compare the damage to that done by hurricane ivan dennis, and katrina. >> it picked up cars and moved them around. >> businesses fund and more lives lost. >> we are searching for
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additional victims. hopefully, it will be a rescue. >> president obama about that help is on the way. >> the federal government will do everything to help recover. we will stand with you as you rebuild. >> the president will travel to alabama tomorrow to view the damage and meet families devastated by the storm. >> our area was not spare from the storms. in prince william county, trees were toppled. we spent the day with people serving the damage. >> let me show you. this is a sign that advertises a nearby shopping center. it is in tatters. it was shredded. the offer of its rec stand. something they're looking at as being a tornado that touched down here. >> no. waterlogged. >> very little is where mike
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left it. he watched most of the trade twist off and this is where it landed. >> the gas grill and everything on the front porch was swept into the neighbor's fence, including the lawn furniture. the burst -- force of the wind is apparent everywhere. >> its list of a long ways. >> shingles were sheared off these homes across the road. the roof of this home was torn off. trees were uprooted and tost during the weather tantrum. >> there was loud slams. >> a bizarre incident caused this. >> it blew over the two cars and the lawns and slammed against
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the side of my car. >> mike myer is amazed and grateful no one was hurt. >> thank god. >> these are the town houses and some of the homes that sustained a lot of that damage. this is one of the shingles from those town houses that gives you an idea how powerful the storm had an impact. >> that is dramatic stuff. thank you. water was the main problem in frederick. >> the contrast listening to what kehl was talking about is right. the problem here was water. this isis flowing at flood stage. entire trees are washed down. it has come up steadily since we got here. an awful lot of rain fell here in a hurry.
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>> the rain came in sheets along with the possibility of more tornadoes. >> the koepp setting on the radio for us to get off the road and find a safe place to be and we kept thinking there is no way. >> when mary -- for mary and her friend, it was terrifying. they were driving school buses loaded with high school students. >> it could not see. it was raining so hard. we were scared for the children and ourselves. i am still nervous. >> if there were a funnel clouds they did not touch the ground. there were only a few downed tree limbs. the wind was another matter. it came hard and fast. waters began to rise. this shows flooded field at a nearly top of bridge. there were many flooded areas
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and some necessitated closures. >> he has been going this way for years. >> it was that intense the storm. perhaps the most dramatic scene was on route 355 at the battlefield south of frederick. a stream overwhelmed the roadway and got so deep, things started to flow. -- almost started to float. >> it did not get into his house, just flooded his yard. the good news is that all that localized flooding across the road into the yard that has receded. the water has flowed into places like their river and it remains at flood stage for quite some time. >> thank you. cleanup continued in prince georges county, maryland. a funnel cloud touched down on
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the base. this is the mess they had to deal with today. crews spent the day working to restore power in -- and clearing the trees that were snapped. >> the son and of shining. is the worst of this weather behind us? -- the sun kept shining. >> there are -- let's go to live super doppler 7 radar and show you the leftover showers and downpours and storms. across the chesapeake bay on the eastern shore. the severe weather conditions and a lot of rain. that will continue to push off to the northeast. here is a larger view. heading to the outer banks of north carolina. conditions will improve through the evening. tornado watches remain in effect.
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four active tornado warnings for eastern carolina. generally from northwest to southeast. conditions will improve. a lot better weather. i will be happy to tell you about that in a few minutes. we have unbelievable eyewitness pictures. let's look at the best pictures. even some funnel clouds. this came from prince georges county. keep sending in those pictures to other parts of virginia got hit. we will look at the damage at 530 p.m. >> let's look are other story. this is the day before the big day. the wedding of prince william and kate middleton begins tomorrow morning.
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prince william shrek hands with fans outside the clarence house. -- should cans with fans outside the clarence house. -- shook hands with fans outside the clarence house. close to 2 billion people to hang on to more morning. all eyes will be on her gown. we have the inside scoop on a honeymoon details. do tell. >> that is right. the only thing that has been more guarded about this wedding that her dress is where she is going on this tournament. she and prince william. we do not have a clear confirmation but we're doing some digging. perhaps some items she bought will offer some insight. in the u.s., kate middleton has
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become quite the style icon. >> american women love the fact that she is so feminine and romantic and sophisticated. >> from her clothing to the legacy princess diana engagement ring she wears. >> i think she is great. i love the classic style, very elegant. >> she was shopping here along kings road. >> she has been up and down the street recently. >> she purchased this orange and white dress with a black tie. a white lace blouse and this puffy floral dress. these range in cost from $80 to $250. fashion that americans admire but some british say is too common for princess. >> people are watching closely everything she wears and we're
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buying these fascinator is and trying to duplicate her look. what do you think about that? >> really? >> the retailers say she has created a shopping frenzy. >> it is really nice. we have a role model that is higher class. pretty nice. >> there are lots of possibilities are being talked about and places where there were a couple may honeymoon. one aide i. -- one idea, a retreat in east africa. the great barrier reef is on the table, or perhaps a vacation in england. they have to get through the big day tomorrow. we will be here with all the details. you can get extra insight on our web site,
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> you can check out her personal pictures that she travels around london. also watch the royal wedding during a special "good morning america." the woman is injured and two metro employees fired after an accident. >> they did not look for her at all. >> your chance to win tickets to one of oprah winfrey is final shows. live at the kennedy space center where less than 24 hours away from the
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we are 22 hours away from the launch of the space shuttle endeavor. >> scott is joining us live from
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cape canaveral. >> there is a lot of excitement at the kennedy space center. there is the countdown clock. it is holding at 11 hours. that is normal. a long complex series of with its they need to go over. they will resume on schedule. behind it, the launch pad for the space shuttle endeavour. it is the next to last launch of the shuttle. massive crowds are expected. some say could attract 750,000 people to watch this amazing sight. less than 24 hours away from launch, it is all lies on the endeavor. the last time this shuttle will have into space. media are here to witness it and the dramatic story unfolding. yesterday arriving on a nasa
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plan was rep gabrielle giffords still recovering from being shot in the head last january but strong enough, doctors say to see her husband command the shuttle. >> unfortunate mark's family had to suffer this tragedy. >> he understands how far family support can carry a. >> we have had a chance to meet her. if you ask her, she would say go. >> president obama and the first family are to arrive friday and take in a site that will soon be viewed only in file footage and spoken about in the past tense. steve swanson said the significance will certainly be on the minds of these six and everyone else. >> it is a big deal. it is a fantastic vehicle. >> as his crews make final checks on the shuttle with 100
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million miles already flawed, there is an added concern. a brush fire through miles from the pad and helicopters dousing it to keep flames away from the shuttle endeavor. back out here live we talk about the weather lot when we talk about shuttle launches. considering the wind, there is a 70% chance of go. they're keeping a close eye on the brush fire, making sure it is contained. this area will be evacuated as they do before every launch. among the payload going up, a $2 billion spectrometer, a device that will determine in space what sort of anti matter exists. what does that mean? they hope it means they can determine some of the origins of the universe. a lot riding on this one. reporting live at kennedy space center. >> scott will have more from cape canaveral at 11:00 p.m. and bring us the highlights from the
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launch tomorrow half the fat 5:00 a.m. to >> we have more video we have more video from alabama. one of the hardest-hit communities is the city of tuscaloosa. the death toll stands at 280. >> it is the worst outbreak since 1978. >> 1974. there was an outcry across the tennessee and ohio. that was massive and this is on the same scale. this is the ninth anniversary of the tornado that winter look played a -- that went through la plata maryland. >> what is coming next is a lot better.
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some left over heavy rain ahead of the cold front moving across the test of the bay, on its way out to the east. as the farther east this front moves, the more clearing we will say moving in from the northwest and that will be underway shortly. heavy rain along the river. since midnight, rein in the city of frederick -- rain inb the city of frederick. this is how it looks from our hd rooftop camera. we're looking at the back edge of the cold front and the back edge of the clouds. the farther north and west to get from the district, the war there is in the way of sunshine. the same story west into northern sections of the old dominion. things are slowing down south and east on the eastern shore. still under a tornado watch but
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our local it conditions are improving. a little bit of sunshine warms us up. sunshine and 81 in culpeper. 72 in the city. a pocket of cold air to the north and that is one of the culprits in the system as an upper area of low pressure is spinning forcing the energy southward and intersecting with a moist and unstable air. that has been setting the stage along with a strong jet stream for this massive outbreak. things quieted down and we will show you the action along the coast. you can see that of furloughs spinning around, keeping the cold air locked in. the warmer air will come in across much of the country but mainly drier air. surface temperatures in the upper 60's and a lot of gusty winds and a fair lout -- fairmount of sunshine. -- a fair amount of sunshine.
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some elevations may get a sprinkle in the west. were sunshine as we get back to the low 70's on saturday. by monday, the next weather makers on the way. that cold front likely to return rain to the area on monday. comfortable and cooler in the morning. calling for a high of 67. 71 on saturday and upper 70's on sunday. showers with a cold front on monday. turning cooler mid-week. a long stretch of friday's and that is what we need. awe are less than one month away from the oprah show finale. tickets are the hot commodity. a potential jury member from rod blagojevich's trial has tickets to the show. the judge dismissed her from
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jury duty. you'll have a chance to go to one of her final shows starting today through may 4. watch for one keyword that laura and and and. -- watch for one keyword "trip". you must be able to travel around may 17. good luck. coming up, we go in search of answers at the district's notoriously priced -- high- priced gas stations. why do people pay? >> will it make you furious? we have the review. >> a woman lands in the hospital after a bizarre fall that nev
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two metro employes have been fired after an avoidable metro accident. >> one woman was sent to the hospital. >> the woman stepped in to a 4 ft. wide hole in front of an escalator leading into the pentagon station. an escalator access attached was
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open when a 52-year-old woman plunged into it. >> when i hear these stories, i get nervous. >> the technicians had logged off duty at 2:00 a.m., going home for the night with the door open. the curator fell in injuring her chin and a badly enough that she was hospitalized for two days. >> it sounds kind of ridiculous. the cartoon type thing. when there is a hole in the ground, put a sign. >> they should have put of interlocking barriers. this photo was taken one day off -- after the incident. >> >> two workers were fired the next day. >> people should be held accountable. >> this writer hasrider has confidence.
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>> i am surprised to hear that happened on the metro. >> metro is not identifying the victim. the station manager who opened up that morning should have noticed the open hatch and then something about it, they noted. >> next if the federal government has its way you could see changes in the way companies market food to children. >> it was full of adventure and kindness. >> the student commit suicide. i look at the
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>> many are still in the state of shock after a series of unconfirmed kyrgyz twisted from the west to east. >> -- unconfirmed tornadoes from the west indies. >> -- from the west to the east. devastation as far as you can see. cars and trucks on their sides
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and flooding. rockingham scoutingcounty [unintelligible] it is the number one agricultural area in the state. in southern virginia, this is what many saw. university students recorded a tornado funnel forming. >> i am shaking. that is it. >> miles away or tornado touched down and craig stebic -- wreaked havoc. >> constance is mourning her ni ece's death. >> her trailer was demolished. >> washington county suffer the most deaths. these pictures show homes and
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businesses destroyed. power lines down, a semi trucks on their side, and images like this dock the commonwealth. >> we are now getting pictures in and this is from news chopper 7. video of shenandoah county. these are some of the chicken farms we are talking about. the number one agricultural area in the state that is devastating for them. the governor said he will be there to visit the area as soon as he can and help with rebuilding efforts. there are a number of agency mobilizing or working to had to areas hit by severe weather. the governor and president obama have been in contact. >> we are being flooded by pictures about the storm and the damage left behind. if you have pictures, you can
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send them to us. new images of devastation from across the southeast. 280 people were confirmed dead and more are missing. some of the worst damage is reported in alabama. some neighborhoods were basically removed from the map. thousands are expected at the launch of the space shuttle endeavour, including obama's and gabrielle giffords. there is a 70% chance of an on- time launch. some of the uncertainty hinges on a brush fire nearby. the royal wedding countdown is on. prince william greeted well- wishers before disappearing into a hotel with a mystery
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woman, believed to be the dress designer. a special assembly on bullying at bethesda chevy chase high school was reminding students. aiden chase committed suicide one year ago. video shows him singing along to one of his favorite songs. a sound she misses every single day. >> i am totally devastated. i will miss him my whole life. >> and studenafter making the transition to a boy, the bullying began. he committed suicide one month shy of his 18th birthday. >> the torture of being harassed all the time became too much. >> the high school is hoping to keep this story from being repeated.
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administrators hit a nerve with students who say that a iden's agony was fresh. it is not just our right bullying that needs to be tackled. >> there are people who do not see a problem saying, that is ok or using the word fag. >> though easy to look back on the good times, it is moving forward that is difficult. >> i was anticipating spending a lot of fun time. we were -- to be adults traveling through the world. >> they are selling medallions and bracelets like these and planned to fund an anti bullying program in his honor. >> a teen who escaped from a
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treatment facility is back in custody. parker was one of four teens who escaped the center on april 20. authorities found the other three the day after. the center treats teens with psychiatric issues and substance-abuse problems. >> the combination of a tractor- trailer and truck killed one person. news chopper 7 flow over after noon. one victim died at the hospital. the crash injured another person. no word on what caused the crash. time now for a check of the traffic. we have the details. >> right now on to 70 at falls road outside, there is an accident blocking the left lane. you're dealing with slow traffic as you make the trip between montgomery village avenue and
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clarksburg. also some slow traffic and an accident. the road is shut down at knife road and that is causing some heavy delays. let's switch our view and take a look at the beltway. at the american legion bridge. slow traffic there. so again to gallows and slow between river road and the 270 spur. back to you in the studio. >> thank you. the new checklist that could be a breakthrough in diagnosing autism earlier. start your engines. a jump on the summer blockbuster season. we can movies coming next. the president makes it official. a major shift at the top for the curtis: welcome back to geico radio, it's savings, on the radio. gecko:
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= are very popular in the movie industry. -- sequels are very popular in the movie industry. >> what do we call it one is -- when it is this?
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>> this started 10 years ago. driving cars and blowing up stuff. now they're older. they're my age. the reunites vin diesel and others, set in rio where they s tart a scam on south america's biggest gangster. "fast five" starts with the jump a jailbreak and a carjacking. vin diesel real nice to scam a guy out of $100 billion in cash. >> we do not ever let them get in the cars. >> accept they have to deal with but the agent who thinks they are bad guys. for grand finale, they'd drag a
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bank vault at the the zillion miles an hour through downtown rio. do not ask about the high price of gas. park your brain and enjoy the ride. the weekend best thabets. next weekend, "thor" and "bridesmaids" and "pirates of the caribbean 4". >> what is that music? >> that is the movie music. next. the new way doctors may be able to detect autism in children as early as one-year- old. it is the most expensive gas in the city.
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wear on your side with what could be a breakthrough in diagnosing autism.
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>> most autistic children are not diagnosed until they are five missing opportunities to get therapy early. that could change because of this new study. >> if you had told me he would be able -- she would be able to read now, i thought you'd be lying. >> when she was a toddler, we thought she was deaf. she would not acknowledge us and would not talk much. >> the went to doctors looking for answers. >> is at this, is it not this? i saw enough things that alarmed me that i panicked and i burst into tears and called the pediatrician. i said i think she has autism and she said she does not. >> six months later, doctors diagnosed her with autism at 2.5
5:47 pm
years old. and if checklist could detect autism in children by one-year- old. according to a study the 24 items checklist takes five minutes. researchers followed them until three years old. the screening diagnosed about 75% of children. >> this shows you how far things have come in 3.5 years and she was diagnosed. >> for more on this checklist, you can check it out on our website, advertisements for sheree breakfast cereals could be put on a diet. the government is proposing new voluntary guidelines. urging companies to market foods to children if they're low in fat, sugar, and sodium and
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contain healthy ingredients. children could see [no audio] everyone tries to help her and her baby recover from the accident. >> she looked right at me. >> they are beautiful. >> oh, no. >> from time starts with a special 20/20. the abc newsroom looks different and sounds different. dozens of kids spend the day fromspent the day with us. some kids got a chance to get in
5:49 pm
front of the camera. there was a moon bounce outside and a clown and face painting. the kids had a great day. >> another day here. let's see what is coming up. we will continue our team coverage. especially south. we will look at local communities and how it pales in comparison to our neighbors in the south. also, the finishing touches on the role wedding. we will have an update on the event that is hours away. >> it is amazing if you look outside. as opposed to seven or eight hours ago. >> a blue sky. a lot more sunshine north and west of town. following some storms and
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showers that were lagging behind the pack over southern maryland. let's start with the radar. a few showers coming across the north. crossing over to calvert and heading to the bay and across the chesapeake on to the eastern shore. that will be the pattern here. i want to share a satellite animation with you. this goes back to early tuesday morning. this is the nonstop movement of the thunderstorms and the severe weather and the tornado outbreaks that popped up and transition to are part of the country. pretty impressive and amazing to see something like that. the number of storms and the type of outbreak and devastation, something we have not seen in 40 years. here is another blue sky for you. things are improving. we expect a sunni start tomorrow. temperatures in the 50's. -- we expect a sunni sty star.
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78 degrees. is back. all kinds of interesting weather features an interactive radar. you can scan all around the country. that is the latest. back to you. we are trying to keep you updated because this continues to change with the nfl lockout ended. ruling that the year should be again. the players can resume voluntary workouts at team facilities beginning tomorrow. the memo said teams are advising players of the hours the facilities will be open and to schedule medical and rehab activity and arrange meetings with coaches. even if the owners appealed the ruling their attention turns back to business. the redskins has the 10th pick.
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i have been being coy on how the plan to proceed. >> they have someone they want and we're willing to move back to pick up the extra couple of picks. that could happen easily. especially if we get some good value. >> more on the draft at 6:00 p.m. more of the drama unfolded and the first round ended. they will play at tampa bay lightning in the semifinals. the best of seven series starts tomorrow. >> the caps not so patiently waited to find out who their opponent would be. >> amazing that difference of knowing who your opponent is and not knowing. you feel like you're waiting and lost in space. >> tampa bay advanced with a 1-0 win over pittsburgh. >> any time the teams but them
5:53 pm
away there are a lot of guys who have won. there are some tough battles. >> this may not be the most historic rivalry but after facing the lightning six times this season, it is one in the making. >> the last four games we have against them were pretty serious games. i think this takes another step. >> let the series began. >>
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the national average for a gallon of gasoline is $3.89. >> near the watergate, it is over $4. why do people even stop there? >> drivers say they stop because they have to.
5:57 pm
this is a washington mystery. what is the story behold -- behind $4.99? $4.99 a gallon? >> there are people filling up. >> did you see the price? >> i did not see the price. >> i have to get this sort can drive to where i normally get gas. >> one penny shy of $5. where you getting gassed? >> i was about to run out. beyond "e". >> the price for a gallon is $4.19. >> 80 cents is ridiculous. >> why is the price so high? >> it is impossible to figure out. >> he is the manager. why is the gas $4.99?
5:58 pm
>> i do not know. i get gas for the same price. answers were hard to follow. >> shall we call the owner and ask him? >> it is a corporation. >> exxon sets the price. >> exxon sold the company to someone else. >> exxon said capital petroleum owns the station and they said they own the property but an independent dealer runs the station and sets the price. is it high record because it is watergate? >> because it is washington. >> we finally spoke with the independent dealer who set the price of the station and he says he cannot talk to the media because of a lawsuit he has against exxon over prices. he said, i'm going to city council to help residents with the price of gas. that is all for now.
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local communities clean up after last night's storms. we will have the latest damage assessment. death and devastation. several states facing a dire situation. the rising death toll after mother nature unleashes her wrath in the south. >> life and i and hd. this is abc 7 news at 6:00 p.m. on your side. >> our continuing coverage of a deadly storm system. >> at least 280 people were confirmed dead. in virginia alone, five people were killed. the damage is sure to run into the millions of dollars. this is the deadliest outbreak in four decades. >> our chief meteorologist is looking into what is next and rebecca cooper is keeping an eye on the storms in the south.


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